Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Differences in crochet hooks

I was looking through my crochet hooks the other day and was noticing the differences in the way they are constructed.  I got my old set of hooks many years ago (like 20 years ago!!) and I love the way they feel and function for me.  The grey one is the one I love.  The shaft is straight and does not have the thumb rest as is the purpley colored one.  I find that I rotate the hook in my hand while I crochet and find that the thumb rest does not feel good when I do so.  The rounded shaft is better for me!

Also notice that the head of the crochet hooks are different as well!  The one I use and like is rounded while the other hook is more angled and sharp.  I tried using both this morning and found that my old grey one felt so much more comfortable in my hand.  The purpley one felt quite uncomfortable and making stitches was not as easy as with the prey one. 

Strange things that I notice and pay attention to...

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