Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Office door coverings (in progress)

My office has two doors - one into the back hallway (seldom, if ever used) and one to the main hallway.  The back hallway door has a roughly 30 inch square vent/grate in it.  Sound carries through here badly and I want something to cover it with to muffle the sounds & voices leaving and entering my office (and it isn't really an attracitve door either...)  So I thought why not crochet something to put over it??  A smallish baby afghan type project sounds just right.  But if I put one on the lower part of the door where the vent/grate is, then I also need something towards the top to balance it out and have it look symmetrical.  So I am crocheting some squares to assemble together to cover this up. 

Option 1

I have the lighter blue squares all done and need to work on the alternate color squares.  I am not sure about the navy...  Maybe I'll have to go through my acrylic stash and find some other colors??  Anyway, I'll join these using single crochet and then do a border around it.  The second piece I was thinking of reversing the colors but maybe I will do the two in different colors...  Decisions, decisions!

Here is another color combination I have:

Option 2

And here is what I have for the second one:

Option 3

I need to get my stash out and think about two more squares to finish Option 3.  Unfortunately I have no more of this yummy purple.  Hmmmm...  What to use??

Maybe join these in a dark color to look like stained glass??  Or join with white or aran??

Anyway, I'll post more updates as this progresses and will post some office pictures once it is all compete and in place in my office.

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