Sunday, August 13, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 7

Another week has flown by!!  This week I finished another pair of socks, made a little sweater, and worked on some BAMKAL squares.

First I completed my Tour-de-Sock Stage 3 socks.  These were a fun knit - lace and cables!  What is not to love?  I used my own hand dyed yarn for these and the speckles work fairly well with the cables.

The Stage 4 pattern will be released on Monday night so I will have pictures of another sock in progress next week (I doubt I will finish a pair before Sunday morning as I am busy Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with work stuff!)

Next I finished my July alternate BAMKAL square and am nearly half complete with the August alternate BAMKAL square.  I plan to spend some time working on my August squares today so I hope to be able to show you two more completed squares next week.

And finally a friend pointed me in the direction of a miniature sweater challenge.  I signed up (and I think sign ups might be closed now) and got the first pattern on Friday.  Once my Stage 3 socks were complete yesterday I cast on and completed this little sweater!  It was a fun knit!  The four patterns are each examples of typical sweater designs to give us an idea of what is involved in knitting a sweater (on a small scale).  I used my leftover yarn from my Stage 3 socks and now only have a tiny little ball left over - maybe enough for one Scrap-ghan square - we shall see later!

And on another note - I got my hair chopped off on Thursday and the hair will be donated to make wigs for cancer patients ♥  They cut off well over a foot of hair!  It was not very thick but certainly long!  Now I need to remember to use a lot less shampoo and conditioner!!

So for next week I plan to work on my BAMKAL squares (finish my August alternate square and make the August Main square), my Stage 4 socks (pattern is available on Monday night), and (time permitting) the second mini sweater (pattern will be emailed to us on Friday).  Tune in next week and see what I accomplished!


  1. The yarn you dyed is lovely and looks great in the socks. You have going to town on the squares and I really like the one that is in progress. I can not imagine having a foot of hair to donate. What a lovely thing to donate it though. Looking forward to seeing your stage 4 sock and more squares next week.

  2. My hair is long but not that long and I cut it myself can imagine....but I wear it up so when it gets too heavy I chop it off. Good for you donating it to a great cause and now saving money on hair products too! LOL!
    Your socks are lovely and you are quick to knit them! The squares are interesting patterns especially the 2nd one. The sweater is too cute and I have seen people put them on little hangers and use them for Christmas tree decorations. Very cute!

  3. Hi Karen :)) Your socks and squares are lovely. :) But really, congratulations on chopping of a foot(!!) of your hair! I actually did a challenge like that about 20 years ago. I had really long hair and ALL of it was SHAVED off. First they cut the hair as long as possible, then shaved me to it would grow back even. I could get away with that when I was younger, not so much now though lol!

  4. Love the speckled yarn in your Stage 3 socks, it does work really well with the cables. I love the texture of the second square you are knitting and how cute is that mini sweater!

  5. Okay, I'm going to have a moment about hair here: you don't need to use less shampoo or conditioner because you've been using it wrong since forever. My hair goddess yells at people about this all the time and she is right.

    Shampoo: nickel to quarter sized dollop in your hand, spread around your hands, and use it on your SCALP ONLY. You don't scrub it through all of your hair, just your scalp. If you're one of those people that uses products, you may have to do a little bit through more of it to get the gunk out (hairspray in particular) but you shouldn't even need to do that.

    Conditioner: use only on the ends. This will somewhat depend on the length of your hair but not as much as people think. I have hair halfway down my back and I only need a quarter-sized dollop for all my hair ends.

    And now, about knitting......I do love that little sweater. I feel like it should be a Christmas tree ornament. I could be wrong but it's little and cute.

  6. I love those little sweaters - such a neat idea. Good for you for staying with tour de sock. Your socks looks great and nice to use your own yarn. Thank you for donating your hair for wigs. I did that when I cut my long hair - now I keep it very short so I can't donate it anymore.

  7. That little sweater is adorable! What a great use of the leftover sock yarn. I am touched by the donation of your hair toward wigs for cancer patients. And what a beautiful shade of hair it is. :)