Wednesday, April 6, 2016

D is for Dyeing Yarn

Edit:  I had this post scheduled to post yesterday mid morning and clearly I did not set it quite right as I look this morning and find it did not post as it was supposed to.  I will have to figure out what happened and what I may have done incorrectly!!

I recently tried dying yarn and it is so much fun!!!  I think part of the fun is not knowing exactly what you will get once the yarn is all dry!  That is part of the adventure!!  I suppose it is more important if you want to replicate what you did, but for me I am happy just to see what comes out of the dye pot.  I have tried several methods and found found things I like and don't like about each. I suspect that is part of the fun and attraction - seeing what parts I like!!  I have used some of the yarn I have dyed to make a few things and I like how they turned out!  Here are a couple pictures of my own dyed yarns:

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