Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E is for my Etsy Shop

I posted about this topic a year ago and thought it might be good to do an update and reflection to see how things are going. I opened my Etsy shop over a year ago and have added several things to it - mostly yarn, patterns, and paintings (just a little eclectic aren't i??).  Over the past year I have had minimal sales and minimal attention in the shop.  I suspect some of this may be because I have not recently updated it, nor have I added anything new recently.  I also wonder if the Etsy market is over saturated and that it maybe does not get the same attention it used to?  Either way, I have a bunch of things listed and over the past year have sold a grand total of 8 items.  I think I have made enough in sales to go out with the hubby for a nice meal and that's about it.  Oh well...  I also have more things to add to the shop so I plan to work on that once this semester at university is done and I have a bit more spare time.


  1. I think you're on to something when it comes to Etsy. I don't have a shop myself, but it's harder and harder to find things on the site because there's so much product . . . it's getting to be a little like ebay.

  2. Good luck with your Etsy shop. I was just wondering about that myself. Trying to figure out how it works and if it would be worth it to try and sell my artwork on there. I do mostly photography, but also trying to learn painting lately. I hope you do better when you get it updated. Good luck.