Friday, April 15, 2016

M is for Madness (Sock Madness)

M is for Madness (Sock Madness).  Sock Madness is a speed sock knitting competition hosted on Ravelry.  With this competition you are placed into teams of people who are of similar skill and speed levels.  In each round there are a specific number of people that will advance to the next round.  For example in Round 2 the fastest 40 people on each team advanced to Round 3,  In round 3 the fastest 30 people advance.  This continues until there is one person on each team left and then in the final round the last person on each team competes with the fastest on each of the other teams.  The first one of all of the teams wins the whole competition.  Confused??  I have entered four times now (four years in a row) and have done OK but come nowhere near winning.

My first year was Sock Madness 7 in 2013 and I was eliminated in Round 5.  I was amazed I lasted that long!!

Completed socks in Sock Madness 7

My second year (Sock Madness 8) I was also eliminated in Round 5...  There were also some bonus rounds (non-competition) for us to knit as well.

Completed socks in Sock Madness 8

My third year (Sock Madness 9) I submitted a design that was selected to be used in the competition!!  I was eliminated in that round that year (haha).  I spent more time focusing on following the threads and helping out that I did not knit my own pair fast enough!  LOL

Completed socks in Sock Madness 9

And now we are mid way through Sock Madness 10!!  Round 3 is underway now and I have made it safely through this round and am ready for Round 4.  Here's hoping I make it into Round 5 again!  Maybe I will make it to Round 6 one year!  I doubt it, there are some lightening fast knitters in this competition. The final round each year frequently has someone finishing knitting an entire pair of socks is less than 24 hours (I don't think they sleep and I imagine there is smoke coming from their needles!)

Completed socks in Sock Madness 10

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  1. Wow! I had no idea. I'm a member on Ravelry but haven't spent any time looking at events. Maybe I should change that . . .