Thursday, April 21, 2016

R is for my Ravelry Shop

R is for my Ravelry Shop.  Other than my Around the World Quilt-ghan which was published in December 2008, I put my first pattern up for sale on Ravelry in September 2013.  I have not released anything since December 2015 - this must be remedied!!  I have four designs that are nearly ready to go - I just need to do some editing on the patterns and publish them - they have already been test knit!  So, I have published a total of 47 patterns so far - 3 hat patterns, 15 sock patterns, 24 cowl designs, 1 stole, 2 afghans, and two headbands.  Three of the designs are crochet and the rest are all knit design!  I am no where near being able to quit my day job, but this does earn me a few dollars a month that allows me to buy more yarn to knit or crochet with - a win-win situation!!  I have found that the more patterns I have available, the more regular my sales are.  I have not done any paid promotions on Ravelry yet, but I am thinking about it - maybe once my Four Seasons Sock e-book is ready to go or maybe once I have finished all my Herding Cats designs and have that -book ready.

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  1. Your lace work is to die for!

    Cheers, Stephanie