Friday, April 22, 2016

S is for Socks (Hand Knit Socks)

S is for Socks - hand knit socks!  In case you have not noticed yet I have a thing for knitting socks!!  They are likely my favorite thing to knit.  To date I have knit 71 pair of socks plus 15 individual socks.  Most of the time when I design socks I only knit one sock.  I keep these socks aside and they do not get worn. I keep them in perfect shape in case I want to take new pictures of them or something like that.  Of the 71 other pair I have knit I have given a total of 7 away.  You read that right - I have given away 7 of the 71 pair I have knit!!  I am clearly a very selfish sock knitter!!  Of the ones I have given away one pair was to my Mom, one pair to my sister, one pair to a good friend, and the rest to my husband.  My first pair of socks were finished in October 2010 and since then there has been no stopping me when it comes to knitting socks!!  Several pair are in need of mending and that is something I need to learn how to do!  I have a few pair that came to unfortunate ends while being washed (can you say felting?). Over the years I have improved my tension, and have learned to make socks better fitting for my feet.  The majority of my socks are knit top-down as this seems to be my preferred method although I have knit several toe-up socks and they fit very nicely.

My very first socks!


  1. I've heard that once you wear a hand-knitted pair of socks, you can never go back to mass-produced ones. When I first started knitting, I was sure I was going to find out but I struggle to knit with fine yarns.

    1. It is true :) I love my hand knit socks!! Keep trying - maybe some day the fine yarns will play nice with you!