Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2nd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week - Day 3

Tidy mind, tidy stitches   2KCBWDAY3

WARNING! Lots of photos and a long post here!!  And this has kind of turned into a "flash your stash" post!  But it will serve me well later when I want to see how much stash I have used up!

I must admit that my yarn organization system is not quite what it should be.  My yarn is "somewhat" organized.  I have yarn in several plastic tubs, stuck into several corners, tote bags, and closets. Here is a picture of all of it still mostly unorganized (this is a "before" picture of sorts):

I suspect I might need more plastic tubs, but that would involve admitting that I might have more yarn that I know what to do with... I just wish I had a room that I could devote to my crafting...  But in a two bedroom apartment that is not going to happen yet (maybe some day!)

Now that the yarn is somewhat more organized here is a rundown of what's in there (and here are the "after" or more detailed pictures).
The tubs include:
1) Mostly acrylics (Red Heart and Caron) that I will use up making some pet snuggles for the Humane Society.

2) More acrylics (mostly Caron Simply Soft) for pet snuggles or something else (I can't part with yarn that I can justify using). The yarn up front is wool that I will use up for something for myself - mittens maybe?

3) Mostly mix fibers and small numbers of skeins.  I am not sure what I will make with most of this...  Maybe scarves and mittens or some socks? This tub requires some more thought about what to do with it's innards.

4) Even more acrylics and mixed fibers... These are different weights - worsted down to fingering.

5) Mostly fingering weight and DK - socks and shawls will come from here!

6) Mostly baby yarns - I need to get some more ideas for some small skein baby-type projects to use this up.

And the rest:
7) All the yarn for Lindy and Adeline's Around the World afghan - these are in two big bags in the office closet (seven colors times 4 skeins each) This yarn will be mostly used up by August 2011 when I need to have the afghan ready to give away. It currently lives in my closet in two large bags.

8) All my suede.  What am I going to do with this??  Sometimes a good sale is a bad thing...  These are stuffed into this bag and stuffed into a closet.

9) More sock yarn is stashed in this plastic storage container.

10) These two containers include most of my current, ongoing projects...  The tote is mostly full of squares made for my Learn to Knit Afghan and also has the rest of the yarn for it in there.

I suspect this is about as organized as I am going to get. Oh well, I know where things are and they will eventually get used up. I just need to resist the sales of yarns I do not truly love nor have a clear idea of what I can use it for!!  The only thing not photographed is a small bag of cotton that I plan to give away to someone who makes dishclothes for our church.

If you are still reading this, this blog topic made me drag out all my yarn. I took everything out of the containers they were in and photographed everything.  Now I have a nice record of my stash busting progress over the next while :)


  1. I think you have a really good system.. XD

  2. You made a great start! Maybe you'd want to upgrade to bigger bins?

  3. Either I need to get larger bins or I need to use up some of my stash before I buy more! I really do have plenty!