Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pet Snuggles

I am making some pet snuggles each month with my extra acrylic stash.  I plan to donate them to the Humane Society near my place for them to use with pets awaiting adoption.  I joined up a group on Ravelry that is making snuggles for pet shelters.  I thought it was a great way to use up my scraps and to do something nice :)  In January I made six snuggles (the pictures are posted here), in February I made five snuggles (the pictures are posted here), and so far in March I have made two snuggles.  They are all approximately fifteen inches square and are classified as small snuggles.

The pattern I am using is pretty basic:
Using a 6mm crochet hook and two strands of worsted weight acrylic yarn together Chain 44.  Double crochet in the 4th chain and in each subsequent chain.  At the end of the row ch 2 (or ch 3 - I need to use ch 2 to keep my rows even - ch 3 doesn't work for me...) turn and dc in each stitch across.  Continue this until 22 rows are complete and finish up.  Easy peasy!!  Or adjust your stitch count to get to a good size.  For me - these instructions give me a 15 inch square :)

Here is a picture of my first March snuggle:


  1. Seems shelters are over full these days. Don't understand what's different than in my childhood. Back then people had one pet, a dog or a cat...they always took their responsibility of not having a pet if they weren't home to let the dog be outside. They always had the animals fixed. Now, everyone, or so it seems has 3 or 4 pets, no one is home during the day, so the animals are in cages inside. More are in shelters, people don't seem to be getting them fixed so the over population is getting to be real problem. Just last night on the news some idot who calls herself a lover of animals, had 100 dogs and they were kept in horrible conditions. Hoarder type situation.


  2. I agree Sandy. I also don't understand what's different - maybe it is because there are more people out working now and there is seldom anyone at home since both parents are working or there is only one parent in the family. Growing up we had one or two dogs who stayed outside (we lived on a farm), we had one cat inside, and several (unfixed) cats outside for mousing. Now I can't have pets since I have a hubby with allergies and asthma...

  3. Your blog title cracks me up! It's nice that you are making shelter blankets. I used to volunteer with a couple of animal rescues, so I know they always need help.

  4. This looks lovely and it's a great idea, but I have to ask - what is a pet snuggle? I have a dog, but this one is lost on me... :)

  5. I love the colours you used on the first March snuggle. And yay for helping out shelter animals! I'm hoping to make some of these this year, myself. I might try to turn some old jeans into yarn for the project.

  6. Thanks for the comments! I'm glad someone likes my blog title. I wasn't sure if it would offend...

    Pet snuggles are smallish blankets (knit, crochet, whatever) that are used for a bed/cushion in the cages/crates that animals are in at pet shelters awaiting adoption. It gives them something snuggle into. There is more detail in the Ravelry group.