Thursday, March 31, 2011

2nd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week - Day 4

Where are they now?   2KCBWDAY4

This is one topic that I will have fun with!!  In general I am very happy to think about what has happened to some of the things I have made for others (and myself). I have made several afghans for myself and the hubby loves them :) If I let him we would have a dozen afghans on the bed with us and he would be a happy, warm camper (while I would melt!)  In the winter we usually have two of the afghans I made on our bed to keep us warm (along with flannel sheets and a quilt). They certainly do come in handy during the cold winter months!  And my hubby loves and uses many or the finished products so he looks the other way when I buy yarn (most of the time)
Before wearing

These slippers were my first attempt at felting.  I am not sure what I think of felting in general, but the hubby wore them to death (and he is still wearing them!). 

After lots of wear!

Maybe I should make him a new pair??  Or should I learn to darn?? What do you think?? I suspect the holes are way too large to darn - plus I have none of the yarn left over...

Here is an afghan I made for a young lady named Felicia:
 There is also a wonderful story behind this afghan, how it came to be, and what it led to.  A few years ago there was a fund raising silent auction at our church to raise money to help with medical expenses for a church member.  I decided to donate a custom made afghan to the winner. I made a small swatch (about 12 inches square) with two colors using the Lion Brand 5 1/2 Hour Throw pattern.  I listed that whoever won the item in the auction would get a custom made afghan - they could chose the two colors and size and I would make the afghan for them.  A young lady (about ten or eleven years old at the time) seemed very interested in the item and kept checking to see if her bid was still in first place.  Well, with only a minute or two left on the auction someone outbid her and she lost.  She was very upset and sad by this.  I was disappointed too as I saw her reaction and felt very bad for her. I knew she also was going to be having surgery within a month or two of the auction so I went about secretly finding out her favorite colors and I made her an afghan (I also made the afghan - queen size in blue and white - for the woman who won the auction) and gave it to her to have for comfort after her surgery.  She was so pleased and loved it :)  Fast forward another year or so and she asked me if I would teach her to crochet the same pattern so she could make a baby blanket for her gymnastics instructor who was expecting.  I absolutely was pleased to teach her to crochet!  A little while later she was asking me to show her how to make an afghan in a pattern book she had bought for herself.  And her twin sister and Mom joined in for the lessons too.  So a young girl loses out on a silent auction and I would like to think that because of this she herself became a crocheter.And she tells me (and her Mom confirms this) that the afghan I made her lives on her bed and gets used all the time :)  This story always warms my heart!


  1. I love the afghan story, how wonderful! And you've passed the craft along :)

  2. Such a lovely story! It's brilliant that she was so inspired

  3. Aww this story is amazing, That's so cool that something like loosing an auction turned into learning to crochet herself.

  4. Totally awesome story! A winner that little one became and even you!

  5. What a great story! Touching others with your crochet and inspiring them to learn the craft and pass it on. You rock!

  6. That is a sweet story. and, um, I think the slippers are past darning.

  7. Yeah, those slippers are toast. But I like 'em!