Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Notebook Round Robin

I signed up to join a notebook round robin on Ravelry and today I mailed off my notebook!  There are 18 of us in this round robin and what we do is send a composition size notebook to the person on the list below us.  The person above me has sent her notebook to me. I have a couple weeks to write some things in her book and then I send it on to the person below me.  Eventually my book will go to each person on the list and I will get it back many many months from now after everyone has had a chance to write something in it. This sounds like so much fun!  I started my book with a description of myself and what I do (along with a bunch of stickers).  I can't wait to see what others add to my book!  I also am eager to start writing in the first book I receive :)  What fun!!

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