Sunday, April 3, 2011

2nd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week - Day 7

My knitting and crochet time.   2KCBWDAY7

The short answer to this question is that I knit and crochet whenever and wherever I can :)  But to be more honest I do knit and crochet different things at different places and at different times.  
If I am working on a new or complicated pattern I need to work in silence with no distractions so that I can concentrate.  I also need to be relatively alert so later evening is not my optimal time for this - morning is much preferred.  I am also happy to knit or crochet while watching TV or a movie, but it needs to be a pattern that requires less concentration.  I frequently watch TV episodes I have missed online, so I usually have the earphones on and my crafting in front of me to work on.  I also love to knit or crochet to pass the time while traveling, although for this I will take along a small project that does not take up much space and that has an easy pattern to follow (or no pattern) since keeping track of what row I am on can get tricky on a bus or train or in the car.  I also am content to knit or crochet with others - a friend or a group of ladies who also like to craft.  For this I also need to have somethings that does not require intense thinking or concentration.  If the pattern is not too complex I can talk and knit at the same time (usually).
I usually have a cup or tea or a jug of water with me while crafting.  If I want a snack I will do that elsewhere and wash up before I pickup my yarn again. I don't like to mix crumbs and yarn!

Here is a project put down for a moment while we were traveling somewhere last summer:

And another one at a place on the coast where we were camping with a friend..  This picture is of my friend but I was sitting in the same type of lawnchair with the same view.  We sat out there (she reading, me crocheting) all day watching the tide coming in and going out (and chatting).
I have a trip coming up this month where I plan to take along a pair of stockinette stitch socks to work on - I have four hours on the bus followed by three hours on a train (each way) so that will give me plenty of time to knit to my hearts content - thank goodness I am not subject to motion sickness! I think I may just tackle my first pair of two at a time on two circulars on this trip - with some fun self-striping yarn :)

I also knit during meetings and that kind of thing - it's a shame in my opinion to not multitask in this way :)  I do however ask permission of the person in charge before I do this! 


  1. That picture of you by the ocean looks so lovely and hope you remember it as a day not to forget!

  2. How lovely to sit by that awesome spot and knit! Have you ever knitted on the beach? If so, how'd you keep sand from getting all over the place?