Monday, April 11, 2011

New projects

So I have started a couple new projects (as if I need more WIPs!)

First up is Sojourn Falls - a pretty scarf with beads.  I am using Knit Picks Palette in the color Lilac and found two vials of beads at Joann's.  Now this is my first attempt at using beads with my knitting and I must admit it has been quite a learning curve for me!!  First I tried a small crochet hook - size 11.  I struggled using this...  I found out later (after other tries) that this hook was a bit too big - the bead fit on the shaft but once the yarn was there it wasn't working well.  The I tried using regular dental floss but after a few tries the ends got quite frayed and that wasn't working...  Next I tried some heavy sewing thread - this was a PITA to thread the beads onto... Then I tried one of those threaders for dental bridges (the ones that look like a darning needle with a huge eye) with some thread attached to it - this was just plain awkward to use... Then the dimmer switch on my internal light bulb came on - Why not try a smaller crochet hook??!  Low and behold that was the answer!!  Now I am getting the hang of this adding beads thing!  I'll post a progress picture on Wednesday as part of my WIP-it report.

The second new project I have started is Spring Leaves.  This one I have decided to do in a worsted weight yarn and a larger needle (6mm).  Maybe it won't take too long to finish!  I am doing it a bit narrow (2-3-2) and I imagine it won't take too many repeats to get it long enough.  This will be my first try using a provisional cast on so I will be very afraid once I get to the point where I need to get going on the second half and pull out the provisional cast on!  Maybe I should try a small swatch to see how this works before committing to half a scarf being complete! Here is the yarn I am using for this one:

It is so nice and soft to work with! Such a dream!  I have four skeins of this so I will be able to make some other projects with it too :)  It took me a little while to figure out the pattern and how to read the chart, but now that I have it figured out all is moving along nicely!


  1. Yum... that Ultra yarn is so smooshy. Not that I have any of my own... I just like to pet other people's stashes!

  2. Love the pattern. What color beads are you using?

  3. pattern is lovely!! so is your yarn! :)