Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Year of Projects Update #3

Oops! I am late in posting my update! 

I have spent most of the past week and change working on a pair of mystery socks (yes I added to my list already...)  I have knit to the end of clue #2 now and clue #3 will be released tomorrow.  I expect to have these done by the end of the month (or early September).  Here is a link to my project page on Ravelry.

In other news I have decided to try my hand at designing.  I have been mulling this over for a long time and am starting to plan out some ideas in my spare time.  I hope to have a pattern written up soon and have it ready for testing.  I am thinking about scarves, stoles, cowls, and of course socks!  I shall keep you posted!


  1. The mystery socks look great, I love the yarn colour!

  2. love the design and color of the mystery socks.

    Good luck on the designing. Sounds like fun and will look forward to see what you come up with.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your design. The socks look great - nice colour :-)