Saturday, November 21, 2015

WIP-it Down Thanksgiving 2015 - Day 2

Yesterday I managed to get all the things on my list crossed off!  Happy times!  I located the yarn I needed to get some work done on the crochet squares that want to become afghans, I took pictures of my starting point on my miscellaneous crochet squares, I got my sock design edited and published (here it is!), and I have another sock pattern up for testing over here.  A good, productive time was had!!

My plans for Day 2: I need to finish up a bunch of crochet squares and get some afghans complete.  I have three (make that four) groups of squares ready to be joined and finished - time to get them done and donated somewhere!!

Here is my starting point at the beginning of the day Saturday:

1. Saltines and criss cross squares (the criss cross squares were done in the past years and the saltines are left overs from other projects - likely several years old...):

2. Little baby yarn squares (no date on this picture, but I am sure these 
have been around for several years - possibly 5+ years...) :

3. Little bright squares (notice that this picture was taken in 2013...):

4. Five squares that need more to finish (also apparently untouched since 2013 as well...):

Let's see where I am by the end of the day!!  My first project will be #1 - that has the highest likelihood of completion during the day!  I'll post an update tomorrow morning although Sunday will be an afghan making day as well so I will hope to get even more done.

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