Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIP-it Week - Wednesday

Yesterday I made some decent progress on my Sojourn Falls scarf.  I took it from 4 six row repeats complete to 13 six row repeats complete.  And I have decided that I like using the dental floss method to add the beads!  I think I am finally getting the hang of adding the beads!!  Here is my progress picture:

Up today is a collection of squares.  First up is to make four 6 inch BAMCAL (Block a Month Crochet Along) squares and one 12 inch BAMCAL square.  Then I need to work on my May (five golden rings) 12 Days of Christmas square. Once those are done and sewn onto their respective afghans I will get some work done on some pet snuggles. The only before pictures I have are of the 12 Days square:

and the current pet snuggle:


  1. I'm very excited to see the progress on your Sojourn Falls. It's in my list of projects for Blog through a Book, and I can't wait till I finally get to work on it. It's number 9 though, so I probably wont be casting on till Christmas!

  2. The Sojourn Falls scarf is gorgeous!! I keep trying to incorporate beads into my yarn work and so far it's been met with failure. (I'm not giving up, just frustrated. I think my problems are in bead/yarn compatibility.)

    *can't stop staring at the scarf*