Friday, June 10, 2011

A Year of Projects Blog-A-Long

I have decided to participate in a Year of Projects Blog-A-Long and am really excited about it!  I found it through Ravelry and it sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun!!

The plan is for everyone to choose a selection of patterns (some are working their way through entire books and others are making a list of projects) and work on them through the upcoming year.  Everyone will be posting about their progress each week (on Sunday or thereabouts) so we can see what everyone is doing and so we can cheer each other on!  It will involve a lot of knitting (or crochet) and a lot of blogging.

On July 1st (when the adventure officially begins), I will have a list of projects that I want to complete by June 30th, 2012. My plan is to use patterns I have in my queue, or that I already own, and use only yarn I already have in my stash.  Currently I have 18 patterns selected and I have matched the patterns with yarn I have in my stash.  It might be a stretch to complete this all in one year, but that is part of the challenge for me!  Some of the projects I have selected are small and easy to finish while others are not!  I am not yet certain if I will work on only one at a time or maybe have a few going at the same time. We shall see!  I also have not yet decided on the order in which I will tackle this list (although I do know which project is first- a quickie).

Now to patiently wait until July 1st so that I can start!! And hopefully I won't add to much to the list before then...

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  1. Thanks for this post - you inspired me to join along too :)