Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today's post will be random photos...

Weird moth thing I found on our outside door this morning.  Not a clue what it is! It's pretty cool looking though!! It is not a leaf as I originally thought...

I like this shelf on my bookcase!  I need more sock books though :)

Blooms on my Pansy Orchid :)

Soon to be blooms on another of my orchids (I love my orchids!!)


  1. I thought it was a leaf, too!

    I love posts like this. :)

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous!

  3. Oooh, another orchid fan!!! My father has a couple small greenhouses filled with them and recently, after attending orchid shows for years, he dragged me down along with him -- I have four miniature phalaenopsis in my collection. :)

    Miltoniopsis ( are among my favorite orchids and I'd have many if only lighting conditions were better in my apartment. So naturally the photo of yours caught my eye!

    What kind of orchid is your other plant? (It's hard for me to tell if there are no flowers.) ;)