Friday, November 3, 2017

NaBloPoMo 2017 Day 3

Back for Day number 3!  I managed to do a lot yesterday and am pleased with my progress. 

I finished clue number 1 on my SKA MOCKs - the cuffs are now done.  The second clue will be released next week (Wednesday) so I need to be patient and wait for that!

I did some more work on my mixed media piece and think it is about done now.  I'll let it sit and decide if I want to add anything more to it - maybe a butterfly might be something to add?

I did not get to working on my bullet journal...  I hope to spend some time on that today!

I made some more progress on my Mystery shawl.  The last clue came out about a week ago and I am ready for row 253 (of 292).  I have done 26 rows of clue 4 so far.  I plan to focus on knitting on this one today and hope to finish it later today or tomorrow!  My progress is slowing as each row gets longer...  But I am nearing the end!

Also I plan to go shopping for more crafty supplies today!  I'll post my haul tomorrow!

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