Wednesday, November 15, 2017

WIP-it Down Week - Thanksgiving 2017

I have a little over a week off work for the Thanksgiving break and I plan to get caught up on some crafting projects.  Each day I plan to spend a goodly amount of time working on a specific project with the goal of creating some finished objects - or at least the goal of showing all my projects some love!  
Each day I will post what my plans are and will post a "before" picture.  Then the next day I will also post the "after" picture to show what progress I made.

In general, my schedule will be (but will be subject to change along the way):

1. Thursday - November MOCK Clue #3
2. Friday - Coffee Cantata
3. Saturday - tuck in temperature scarf tails and catch up on rows (if needed)
4. Sunday - Sock Scrap-ghan
5. Monday - stitch together first BAMCAL blanket
6. Tuesday - BAMCAL November squares
7. Wednesday - November MOCK Clue #4 (depending on clue release time this may swap places with the plan for Thursday)
8. Thursday - stitch together second BAMCAL blanket
9. Friday - stitch together BAMKAL squares
10. Saturday - Find Your Fade 
11. Sunday - bonus day and I'll decide later what I'll do this day!
12. Monday - back to work...

I also hope to get some art stuff done this week as well!  We shall see just how much I accomplish!  My break officially begins at 4pm today once my office hours are over.  My first plan is to tackle the second half of my November alternate BAMKAL square and if I finish that I will move on to the November MOCK.


  1. Wow, you have so much planned. I certainly hope it all pans out for you. You will have so many FO's by the end of your wonderful that will feel. I am looking forward to you daily updates.

  2. wips r us! You got this. and then think of all the lovelies you can cast on!