Sunday, November 19, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 21

Today is Week 21 of the Seventh Year of Projects, NaBloPoMo Day 19, and Day 4 of my self imposed WIP-it Down Week!

I had a good day yesterday and was successful in tucking in ALL the loose tails on my Temperature scarf!  It took most of the day (off and on) but I am happy to be completely caught up on that.  Now I need to try to keep up with the tails for the next six or so weeks until the end of the year!

The remains of the tails!
Today I plan to spend some quality time with my Sock Yarn Scrap-Ghan.  This poor blankie has been in progress for a long time now (I actually cast it on in July 2014!) and has not seen any love or attention is recent months.  It is time to shake the dust off it and see how many squares I can add!  I currently have 95 squares made - long way to go to finish this blankie - even if I make it a lap-ghan size (which I think I may do).  It currently measures 30 inches by 32 1/2 inches.  Each square is roughly 2 1/4 inches.


  1. don't despair. My sock yarn blanket took almost three years, and it spent most summers in hibernation.

  2. Your temperature scarf is gorgeous, but look at all those ends! Mind you they are all done now, well done!

  3. I love the colors in your temperature scarf. And I love the picture of all the snipped off ends! :)

  4. Oh my, that is one big pile of ends. Good job and even better.......glad you had the patience. I had though about doing a sock blanket but was afraid it would never be completed. Yours is so pretty. I think I would make it lap sized too.

  5. Congratulations on your YOP dedication and the daily blogging....I have to put you on my sidebar and then catch up! I love the temperature scarf and I have been keeping track of your temps here daily so I can go back and make one from those.
    Your blanket is so pretty...mine is really 'scrappy' and using old yarns. Those ends...I know....I can't let them go too long as I dislike doing it but if I stay on top of them it's not too bad. Plus, they get in the way sometimes. Good for you! Happy Thanksgiving!