Saturday, November 18, 2017

WIP-it Down Week Thanksgiving 2017 - Day 3

Today is NaBloPoMo Day 18 and Day 3 of my self imposed WIP-it Down Week.

Yesterday I spent all my crafting time on my Coffee Cantata Socks and I got a goodly amount done!  I now have a HO (half finished object).  One sock is complete and the second is ready for the foot to be knit.  It turned out I only needed to do rounds 34 though 54 and that gave me enough length for my foot.  My row gauge is wonky on these socks!  They are big and I am not really 100% happy with them.  I think it might be partly my yarn choice and partly a gauge issue.  They are too long in the leg and I can't pull them up my fat leg.  They are too loose in the heel as well, but the foot is a good length...  I suspect I will fold down the leg and wear them around the house.  Oh well, they are almost done now and I will be so happy to see the end of them!  Here is what they look like now:

On the schedule for today is to catch up on tucking in many, many tails on my Temperature scarf.  I also need to catch up on a couple days (4 days actually) worth of rows.  I have not tucked in tails since late June - OYE!  I don't actually think this will take a huge amount of time but we shall see though.  If I finish the tails with time to spare I think I will go back to my Coffee Cantata socks since those are getting closer to completion!

Here is a picture of all the tails waiting to be taken care of:

Holy Smokes - there are a LOT of tails to tuck in!!
Tomorrow morning I will show you a progress picture to show you what I accomplished during the day.

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