Thursday, November 9, 2017

NaBloPoMo 2017 Day 9

Day 9!

I spent some time last night working on my Mystery Sock Along and made some good progress.  I got the bead placement issue resolved - I think I was insufficiently caffeinated when I first read the instructions for Clue #2...  All is good now and I am making progress :)  I plan to do three repeats per leg - then I get to wait until Wednesday for the third clue! Here is what it looks like with one full repeat on the leg complete.

Today I plan to spend some time doing some arts projects.  I got my new Moleskine book and will be using that as an art journal now.  I changed my mind about using my little home-made journal.  I will instead use that for regular journaling (writing out my thoughts when the mood moves me).  I do like to decorate the pages a bit for that so that I am not writing on pain white (boring) paper.  I find that I am more inclined to write more when I am eager to use up the paper so that I can decorate more pages.  Here are a couple pictures that show what I mean by decorating my pages:

Today I also plan to soak and block my Mystery Shawl.  I'll post pictures of that tomorrow!


  1. Did you use watercolors for yor decorated pages? It is quite lovely. I too am making my own jourmal nexy yezr but will use washi tape as my crwative juices are pretty limited lol. Your sock is so pretty and love the beads on it.

    1. For these two I used a large ziplock bag - put some color down on the bag using my Tombows, and spritzed a bit of water on it. Then I placed the baggie on the paper and transferred the color :) easy peasy!

  2. Those socks are wonderful. I love the pattern and the colour is so sunny and happy. Good for cheering up the dark November I am experiencing here.