Sunday, November 26, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 22

Today is Week 22 of the Seventh Year of Projects, NaBloPoMo Day 26, and Day 11 of my self imposed WIP-it Down Week!  This is the last day of my self imposed WIP-it Down week since I am back to work tomorrow morning and I had left this day to be a free day to choose whatever I wanted to work on.  I think I will work on my Coffee Cantata Socks today in hopes that I can finish them off!  That would be wonderful!  I have only one foot to finish and this is done!  Cross your fingers that you see a finished object tomorrow!

I also need to catch up on a few days worth of rows on my Temperature Scarf.  I neglected it for the past few days.  I need to do 6 days worth of rows (so a total of 12 rounds at 80 stitches per round).  I'll get that done first and then spend the rest of the day on my socks.

Yesterday I managed to get a fair bit of work done on my Find Your Fade Shawl.  I figured out where I left off and managed to add a goodly amount to it.  I finished off the garter section of the third color and it is ready for the lace section of that color next.  Here is what it looks like now:

This week coming up I am not sure what my crafting plans are.  My Thanksgiving break is over and it is back to work so that will cut into my crafting time.  I am hoping to get a few things off my WIP list.  I think I will focus on getting a few things off the needles this up coming week.  I will finish my Coffee Cantata socks if I don't finish them today and then I will move onto my Mystery Socks.  Those are also getting closer to completion.  The main reason I want to get a few finishes this week is because I have been drawn into three new projects which each begin on December 1st.  Two are mystery Advent scarves - both will release clues over the Advent season - one daily and the other every second day - and the third project is another mystery sock pattern.  That one will release clues four times over the month of December.  All three of these projects should be completed by the end of December.   


  1. Congrats on your daily posting and your successful wip down. I love your find the fade - still very heart shaped in the photos. Loving that.

  2. I love your WIP-it down motto! I was feeling the same although I did cast on some more. You are really going gang-busters this year and you work full-time....not sure what my excuse is? Going through a lifetime of 'gathering'? LOL! I felt good finishing my socks and you will too. I don't have time for anything in December but I'm going to start looking for KALs that start in January maybe. Glad you had some time off!
    I would like to try a Find Your Fade but it will have to wait as there are other projects "in the queue'! LOL! Yours is lovely and Ic an't wait to see the next color/fade. Have a good week!

  3. Doesn't it feel great to finish up some WIPs?! I certainly find it less stressful when my WIP list is manageable.

    Pretty shawl!

    Good luck with your KALs through December. I'd never be able to keep up!

  4. I admire you're working your WIP it down goals. And I'll look forward to seeing your new WIPs you'll begin on December 1st. ;^) I love your Fade. I'd like to do something like that, but I need to find a crochet pattern for it. I love the concept and all the finished shawls in this pattern.

  5. What a radiant smile you have in your avatar. Kudos to you on taking on those socks. What an intricate stitch pattern involved.